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Patient Engagement in PD-MIND

Why and how

Regular and early patient engagement in a clinical trial is instrumental in the launch of new medical products in the present days. Early engagement not only improves research studies and makes them more cost-effective, but also successfully leverages the patient perspective and improves the quality of participation by better balancing between scientific objectives and patient goals.

Reaching out to patient organizations is one way of involving the patient in the entire process from development to marketing. Involving these groups in this manner ensures that better information will reach prospective participants and help clinical trial centers build thriving patient communities.

Patients' voice

Your participation in Parkinson's research is invaluable. Many research projects struggle to find participants. It is certainly in our interest that a lot of research is done on this, so that we can find better medicine, or a cure.

Trine Corneliussen, patient living with Parkinson's

Patient Organizations

A Parkinson's organization works for those with Parkinson's and has the expertise, knowledge and experience to be able to give you advice and guidance on all aspects of the condition.

Feel free to contact Parkinson's patient Organizations that are involved in this project:

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